Lanchester's Laws in AoE2

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Have you ever had a battle where a small numbers advantage at the start lead to a BIG victory in the end? For example in a fight with 20 vs 15 knights, the side with 20 can end up 14 knights left over. There's actually an equation for that, which applies not only to AoE2, but to nearly every RTS game as well!

1:16 Lanchester's Linear Law (Law of Ancient Warfare)
2:10 Unaimed fire, like in the game Battleship
2:50 Lanchester's Square Law
3:10 Assumptions
3:56 Blue vs Red armies example
4:30 Deriving the equations
5:43 Blue Red Blue armies with specific calculations
6:10 An AoE2 example (10 vs 5 skirmishers)
7:25 A change to the formula at small scales
8:25 Do melee units follow the square law?
9:10 Factoring in unit strength
9:40 Paladins vs Cavalier question revisited

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