IT'S GETTING COLD.....AND SCARY! - Pokémon Randomizer Platinum Hard Nuzlocke - Episode 08

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Pokémon Randomizer Platinum Hard Nuzlocke

Welcome! Today we will be continuing our adventure with our 9th episode of this series! In this Nuzlocke we have randomized wild encounters, trainer battles, items, and TM's! I have also level boosted the game by 37% making it more challenging to complete. We are definitely going to win (probably not). This series is going to be daily so make sure to subscribe and come back tomorrow!

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🌲Nuzlocke Rules🌲:

1. Once a Pokémon faints it is dead, you can no longer use it and it must be boxed or released.

2. You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area regardless
on success of capture

3. You must Nickname all Pokémon caught

4. If you white-out it is considered game over
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