How to Download a Video from Facebook

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How to Download a Video from Facebook - Learn How to Easily Download a Video from Facebook Without Using Any Software.
Get Detailed Instructions here → https://www.tutovids.net/how-to-download-facebook-videos-without-any-software/

Important Note: This trick is still working fine, you just need to change \"web\" or \"www\" to \"mbasic\" instead of \"m\".
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How to Download a Video from Facebook?

Are you looking for a newly working way on how to Download Facebook Videos? Well, you're definitely in the right place. I'm going to show you a simple trick that will help you Download and save Facebook videos to your computer without using any software or plugin. Hope it helps!!!.

Steps to Download Facebook videos:

1. Find and play the video that you would like to download.

2. While the video is playing, right click on it and select \"Show video URL\".

3. Copy the video URL and Stop the video player.

4. Go to your browser, open a new tab, then paste the video URL.

5. Change \"www\" or \"web\" to \"m\" and press \"Enter\" on your keyboard.

6. Click the video.

7. While it's playing, right click on it and select \"Save Video As...\".

8. You can give it a name if you want, then choose a destination where to save it and press the \"Save\" button.

That's how you can download videos from Facebook without using any software or plugin.

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