Hermitcraft Season 6: Starting The Volcano Storage Room! (Minecraft 1.13.1 survival Ep.30)

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Welcome to Hermitcraft season 6 episode 30! This Minecraft 1.13 survival let's play will be on the Hermitcraft 6 multiplayer server and will consist of amazing survival bases, redstone farms, mini games and good times with friends. This Minecraft survival let's play Ep 30 will be us trying to survive our 30th day by returning to my base to work on my volcano storage room design. The base's design this season will be a pirate island with a secret cave entrance and where I'll store my treasure. The island will be landscaped into a tropical island with palm trees and underground cave base design. I hope you enjoy this new Hermitcraft season and give Grian, the new Hermit, a big Scar welcome!
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