Half-Life: They Hunger 1 speedrun 5:35

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Half-Life: They Hunger Part 1 speedrun in 5:35 by quadrazid
Easy difficulty and 29 segments

They Hunger verision 3.0
Half-Life version

I'm satisfied with the final result of this run, altough movement and execution ain't perfect through all of it.
Anyway, I had fun making it.

With some skips and little better planning, under 5 minutes is very possible.

Short description:
1:44 Using buttom through wall to open the grenade-hatch earlier, skips like 18 seconds.

1:58 Throwing two grenades at each other to put thr first one in under the door, wich blows an explosive crate behind the door
This skips like 2 whole maps! (Sorry for very visible delay, but it took like 300 tries to make that)
Thanks to Laughing_gas and groobo

2:10 Blowing up a lock outside the door to open it, using a box for a boost

2:26 Object boost

3:09 Object boost

3:17 Using a corner to prevent falldamage
Thanks slYnki

3:47 Grenade boost combined with a trigger_push

4:03 Object boosting in water
4:12 Object boosting in water

4:22 Smash a AR-grenade ammobox through the water

5:15 Taking a shortcut to next trigger_changelevel going out from the level and into a window
Thanks slYnki

5:49 Object boost

5:54 Jump over the fire blockade.
This is very tricky because there is slightly enough room to pass the trigger_hurt over the fire.
First trigger_hurt is set to 20 damage, There is a delay before next hurt, so I'm able to take the ´damage and jump onto the log.
Next trigger_hurt is set to 200 damage, I have to crouchjump clean over it.

Thanks slYnki for some very usable shortcuts and tricks for this run.
Groobo for some help with demo recording.
Recover for hosting.
And the SDA community!

Hope you enjoyed!

Scripts used:

alias w wait

alias +bhop "+jump;w;-jump;w;+jump;w;-jump;w;+jump;w;-jump;+jump;w;-jump;+jump;w;-jump;w;+jump"
alias -bhop "-jump"
bind SPACE "+bhop"

alias obbo "+use;w;w;w;w;w;w;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
bind mouse4 obbo
Channel: quadrazid

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