Final Fantasy VII Complete Story Explained

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Complete story summary of Final Fantasy VII, starting chronologically from years before the game begins. This video focuses solely on the original game, and deliberately omits information from the extended FFVII universe.

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Chapters (timestamps):
00:08 - Intro
01:21 - The Ancients and Jenova
03:12 - The Rise of Shinra
05:00 - The Jenova Project and Origins of Sephiroth
06:59 - Professor Gast and Ifalna
09:17 - War Against Wutai, Shinra Space Program, Zack and Cloud
10:54 - Nibelheim (Five years ago)
16:28 - Corel Disaster, Cloud and Zack Escape, Tifa Finds Cloud
19:26 - Game Begins, Shinra Reactors, Turks, Shinra's Plans
21:53 - Midgar Slums, Shinra Headquarters
24:10 - Chasing Sephiroth, Corel, Cosmo Canyon
27:10 - Nibelheim, Rocket Town, Gold Saucer
28:34 - Temple of the Ancients, Forgotten City
30:47 - Icicle Inn, Great Glacier, The Crater, Jenova Reunion
34:00 - Meteor, Junon, WEAPON, Huge Materia, Cloud's Past
37:06 - Junon, Rocket Town, Forgotten City, Lucrecia, Midgar
40:15 - Sephiroth and Holy

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