Final Fantasy II PSX LIVESTREAM Finale!

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Hot of the heels of Final Fantasy 1 comes the blacksheep of the Final Fantasy series in the 2nd installment. This is one of the few Final Fantasies I have never beaten, but we're looking to change that in the coming days!


***CHAT RULES/INFO*** (Updated) 5/3/19

We're here to have fun, however a few ground rules to avoid my wrath. Violating these terms may lead to being timed out. Repeat offenders will be banned.

- No links in chat

Unless you're dropping a link to direct me to a helpful guide when I'm hopelessly stuck, no links in stream chat.

- No spamming

It's one thing if you've been hanging out for a while and have built a rapport with myself and the community, but it's another thing entirely to aggressively promote your channel in my stream when I don't know you from a hole in the ground. I'm open to suggestions on fellow streamers to raid when we wrap up, outside of that however there are places on the Internet to promote your Youtube Channel. My stream is not one of those places.

- No backseat gaming

I welcome tips regarding any game I'm playing, but unless I explicitly ask for assistance, please refrain from aggressively directing me where to go.

With that out of the way, enjoy your stay and thanks for joining in!

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Sponsorship is now available! Sponsorship provides you a custom Badge in our chat, as well as access to Custom Emoji! The Sponsorship tiers go as follows...

1 Month - Lard Tier
2 Months - Lightning Cactus Tier
6 Months - Speedy Tier
1-2 Year Tier - Beard Tier

The above Tier Badges will also be available as emoji! The codes for our Custom Emoji are...





Any suggestions for Badges or Custome Emoji? Let me know in the chat!


I have a new Discord Link! This Discord server is only if you want notifications before I go live.



By popular demand, I rented out a PO Box! if you possess things you want me to have, send it to the following address...


Andrew M Harvey
PO Box 8611 Crown PO
Saint John NB


For any business related inquiries, or streaming questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'll get back to when I have time to do so

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