Final Fantasy Almost Friday

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Donation Reaction Rules!

$5 or 500 bits per 5 minute reaction
$10 or 1000 bits per 10 minute reaction

Anything in between add an extra dollar per minute...i.e 7 minute reaction requires a 7 dollar or 700 bit donation, 9 minutes=9 dollars or 900 bits, etc.

PLEASE KEEP THE REACTIONS TO AROUND 10 MINUTES! UNLESS you pay double. A little over is fine but try to keep it around 10 minutes. And please no requests for reactions that may be copyright. And UNLESS you donate do NOT request me to react. I will ignore non donated requests. You WILL be timed out if youre given multiple warnings for this.

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/ciel_darkrose If you would like to donate please feel free to use this link!:



1: Absolutely NO RACISM!

2: Please respect me and my mods! Or else I will devour your soul!

3: Links are okay, as long as they're safe

4: Please DO NOT roleplay in my chat. To me it's just very rude and inconsiderate to the streamer. You're not here to RP. You're here to watch whatever I'm playing and interact with me.

5: If you are having a dispute with someone else, please take it to whispers.

6: No Religious or Political discussions in chat. Sadly, it always causes more bad than good.

7: Helping out the mods is fine if someone needs help but don't correct wrongdoers. It tends to cause arguments and ruins everyone's fun. However if you would like to bring the offences to the attention to either myself or one of the mods of the twitch chat, please get their attention through whispers, that is more than welcome!

8: Absolutely NO SPOILERS!!

9: Please do not ask me to talk in my character voices UNLESS YOU DONATE FOR IT! I am not a performing monkey!

10: DO NOT ask for shoutouts, self promote in my chat, or ask to be mod!

11: Please do not ask me to play any other game than what I'm currently playing (unless you donate of course)

12: Please refrain from asking personal questions! (i.e. "how old are you?", "what's your real name?", "are you dating 'insert name here'", etc)


Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
Channel: Ciel Darkrose

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