Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Opening Movie Reaction. I always get so EMOTIONAL

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Trials of Mana || Seiken densetsu 3 Remake Reaction -

so I always get massive emotional reactions to JRPG, like I send I spend my whole childhood playing all of these games, final fantasy 7, 8,9, tactics, ogre battle, tactics ogre, saga frontier 1-2, romancing saga, breath of fire, dragon quest etc
And of course the mana sereis so I have always been a huge fan of especially squaresoft and then later square-enix games

Final fantasy 7 is always gonna be the most iconic JRPG game there is Playstation was the first real console that broke into the market of casual gaming and for none gamers etc. And the Roleplaying game to buy for all of those people where then of course FF7 that from just its graphical perspective was the best game that existed.

And yes me traveling around my home town for hours with a gigantic sign of cloud strife is of course true, ff7 is truly THE JRPG even do I also love so many of these other games and yeah I always get so emotional from this kind of videos. To finally see this game came out, to finally see all these characters in a new modern setting etc. Basically the visions my mind had as a kid.

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