Final Fantasy 6 Lore ► Kefka's Origins Explained (The Path To Becoming A God)

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When it comes to villains, there are none quite like Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. There's just so much about his character that's unique, from his maniacal laugh, through to his rather whimsical jester-outfit, his personality and devilish actions. It's safe to say that Final Fantasy 6 would have felt rather barren without Kefka.

This represents our second deep dive into the Origins of Final Fantasy 6, as we look at a different aspect of the story compared to our video on Terra. We'll look to understand more about Kefka's Origins, and how he came to be the way he was.

It means that as well as analysing his character, we'll be looking at his position within the Gestahlian Empire, his relationship with characters like Leo and Terra and of course, him becoming a God. We won't be looking into his character in Dissidia NT though, so sorry about that!

We hope you enjoy! Be sure to let us know which character you'd like us to focus on next!


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Throughout this video, we'll be talking about things like...

- Kefka Palazzo (Analysis)
- Kefka's laugh
- Kefka's final battle
- Kefka's final speech
- Kefka poisoning Doma
- Kefka killing Gestahl
- Kefka killing Leo
- Kefka becoming god
- kefka character analysis
- Kefka compared to the Joker
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