FFVII - Glitches and Oddities

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Okay so I need to explain why I say "Aeris" incorrectly in the video (I also misspelled it, that was just me not paying attention). When I was younger I was into Greek Mythology, so when I saw the name Aeris I thought it was pronounced the same way as the Greek God Ares, and now I'm kind of stuck in the habit of saying it that way. But I can understand how annoying that can be so I promise I'll say it correctly for now on.

I also know that "regen" is short for "regeneration" and should probably be pronounced as such. In fact I even mention it in this video: http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gfEbjf....

I think I said everything else I wanted to in the video, so I'll just say again, thank you so much. I will be releasing all sorts of amazing content to the Patron Exclusive Club every month to thank all of you generous enough to help out.

FFVII OST - Don of the Slums
FFVII OST - Gold Saucer
FFVII OST - Costa Del Sol
FFVII OST - Parochial Town

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