ESPN NFL 2K5 | Enable halftime video highlights on PCSX2

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There have been several asks for this. I was one of them back in 2016, however I never received a response with instructions over at operation sports.

This video will we will configure the hdd for PCSX2 which will allow video highlights for the Chris Berman halftime show on PC. Links for the plugin and elf utility are below.

CLR_DEV9 Plugin: https://forums.pcsx2.net/attachment.p...
LaunchELF: https://psx-scene.com/forums/f113/unof...

- download and extract the plugin and the ule boot disk
- drop the clr_dev9 plugin in your pcsx2 plugins folder
- load the clr_dev9 plugin in your pcsx2 bios/plugin options
- configure the plugin settings to enable hdd and create a 40gb hdd
- load the boot loader and format the new hdd
- play the game and enjoy the Chris Berman half time video highlights

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