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Name: Karan
Signature Hero: #Pudge, #Earthshaker, #Enigma, #Shadowfiend
Position: Solo, Ganker, Jungle
Born on December 22nd, 1992 in Mumbai, India

GIVEAWAY - Type !hc - Immortal Giveaway - 30,000 Points to WIN
*Only when I play Dota 2* Sunday Only - Bonus Points! 100 points every 8 mins.

* Weekdays - Solo | Weekends - Party *

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Thumbnail Artwork - Me

Discord link - https://discord.gg/HQFD7Nu

*RULES* Keep your shit with you, don't be rude to me or anyone during live streaming... NOOB!

I respect every religion here and love to make new friends.

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CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600
RAM - 16.00 GB DDR4
Motherboard - ASUS Prime X370-Pro
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WebCam - LifeCam HD-3000 Microsoft
Mouse - Rival 100 Optical
Headphone - Audio Technica ATH M20x
Channel: 3K YouTuber Karan

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