"Dota 2 is about to die"

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This is a video I wanted to make for a long time now, so I made it. I don't really know what to expect but I felt like I had to do it. Sorry for those who were expecting my usual content, but don't worry it'll be back soon!


Cursed Problems in Game Design

Magic: the Gathering: Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons Learned

The DotaFromZero community

Web Culture: Using Memes to Spread and Manipulate Ideas on a
Massive Scale

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🤔 Who am I?

I'm elwono, from midormeepo (http://gamefun8.com/user/midormeepo). I'm the creator of the famous Ranked Adventures series, and this is my second channel where I play games and edit them to create a unique story telling in my own meme-y style, hope you enjoy my pub adventures as well!

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📜 The meme rules

1. No skins: unless it's an arcana or a persona, we the Trench Family are simple men we either play with an arcana or nothing at all (even expensive immortals, arcana only).
2. Flame is for the weak.
3. We, members of the Trench Family, recognize each other with this avatar in-game https://i.imgur.com/r6uVqkL.png
4. We may not have the skill, but damn we've got the memes.

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