DME Jump Run Solo Warlock GUIDE 13:59 (12:20 excluding mining) 120g/hr AVG 75g/hr MIN

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I will start streaming soon at: https://www.twitch.tv/luffywow
For people asking, the dot timers at the bottom is a weakaura. You can find it here https://wago.io/plnU7EMi1.
Gear shown towards end of video.

Spec: https://classic.wowhead.com/talent-ca...

Note: To average 120g/hr you MUST HAVE MINING.

HEAVILY recommended items to have:
Skull of Impending Doom
Greater Arcane Protection Potion (Don't always use but nice to have in case)

The min g/hr is based on getting no extra drops such as arcane crystals, essence of waters, or books.

The avg g/hr is based on a 10 hr test I did which includes arcane crystals and essence of water, but excludes books. I did manage to get a Foror's but this is also excluded from the g/hr calculations.
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