Diablo II: LOD: Andariel Mod Part 3: The Search for Cain!

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This is a merge of two mods, namely the "Monster Stat Mod" and the "Andariel Mod", for D2:LOD 1.13.

The Monster Stat Mod makes it so that the player can play as any of the bosses in the game, plus some extras by placing charms inside of the inventory (i am only using the Andariel charm), and the Andariel Mod is an almost finished new Andariel skill tree.

Of course without the Monster Stat Mod, the character would look like an ordinary char but with Andariel attacks. Now we combine the Andariel looks with the skills.

In this specific part Andariel slaughtering her way through the Underground Passage, then slayiing everything in her path in the Dark Woods searching for the missing scroll - then she taks the scroll back to the Stony Fields to activate the portal to the ruined Town of Tristram - in order to finish the Quest to save old man Deckard Cain.
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