CYNTHIA HAS A WHAT?! - Pokémon Pearl Randomizer Egglocke w/ Supra! Episode #27

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We're here with the next episode of our Pokémon Pearl Randomizer Egglocke! I'm so excited to finally bring you guys this project because it has been in the works for a LONG time! If you guys are excited too... Make sure you drop a like and subscribe to stay updated with the playthrough!

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►Wild Pokemon
►Trainer's parties

•Egglocke Rules:
►If a Pokemon faints, it is considered deceased and cannot be used again
►You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter on a new route or area
►Any Pokemon you catch must be swapped for an egg that is in the PC and then leveled up using Rare Candies to the level of the swapped Pokemon.

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