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Complete Pokemon News Breakdown after an incredibly newsworthy week of Pokemon Sword and Shield information! Starting off with a Pokemon Direct last week leading to the Nintendo Direct this week we've been spoiled with tons of information! There's a credible leak out there that's been taking the Pokemon community by storm with the sheer amount of accuracy in it. In today's video I cover the original leak + a new post from that same leaker with more information! Catch me also talking about the Pokedex controversy and how fans are trying to convince GameFreak to bring back the national dex. Then we dive into new Pokemon reveals at E3 during the Nintendo Treehouse and the revelation by Junichi Masuda that Mega Evolutions & Z-Moves are gone for good!

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LIVE SHINY HUNTING! I'm now streaming on Youtube! I'm hunting shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! I'm playing Let's Go Pikachu version. I'm using the catch combo chaining method with a 31+ combo to max my shiny odds. In Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon I'm going through the Ultra Wormholes and hunting for legendary Pokemon. I have the Shiny Charm in both games to help boost odds!

Here we go ladies and gents! The long wait is finally over and Pokemon Generation 8 is finally here. We're traveling to the brand new Galar Region which is based off the United Kingdom! We're bound to meet many new Pokemon and see some familiar faces as well! Our starter Pokemon in this new game will be Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny. I'm picking Grookey, how about you? Let me know!

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I make various types of Pokemon content. I do Shiny Hunting, Live Streams, Pokemon Let's Plays, Pokemon Theories, Pokemon Reviews, and I hope to start making other type of Pokemon Content as well such as Top 10s and other things in the future. Currently the main games I am playing on the Nintendo Switch are Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee. I post content fairly regularly and have loved Pokemon for well over a decade. I'm very excited for Generation 8 Pokemon and look forward to creating lots of content relating to the new Pokemon Games in 2019! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to show your support, your love of my content in any shape or form is greatly appreciated!

•What's my favorite Pokemon? --- SCEPTILE
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-Lickitung x2
-Chansey x3
-Nidoran ♂

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