Class Choice In Classic WoW: How Each Class Is Unique + Fun

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What's up, my dudes. Determining how to pick and choose a class in Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft can be difficult, to say the least. Depending on the class you choose, you'll likely have a completely different perspective on the game. Each class has their own culture, in a way, from the abilities they gain, to the gear they wear. The point of this video is to help you choose your class, according to its unique gaming culture. After about 3 weeks of editing, I'm happy to finally show you guys this video and help you out in this regard. Watch the end of the video for a special treat ;). Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy!

-----------Time Stamps-----------
Warrior: 0:18
Paladin: 2:27
Rogue: 4:43
Priest: 5:58
Mage: 7:22
Warlock: 8:47
Druid: 10:29
Hunter: 11:18
Shaman: 12:21

WoW Soundtrack - Enchanted Forest
WoW Soundtrack - Plains
WoW Soundtrack - PvP 4
WoW Soundtrack - Cursed Land
WoW Soundtrack - PvP 5

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