cbro and adg live code a "Twitch plays Zork" bot and talk about the new #golang logo

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First programming stream, joined by Andrew Gerrand (adg/enneff)! Timestamps below.

Follow me on Twitch to watch live! twitch.tv/cbro

Sorry for the stream interruptions. It'll be better next time!

00:00 talking about the new Go logo
11:20 brainstorming, introducing zork, z-machine
15:50 twitch chat api, building a simple chat bot
31:27 looking for a zork package
(stream fail!!!)
40:20 trying to fix the stream
44:00 exposing twitch as an io.RuneReader
48:00 connecting chat to zork
1:01:41 only responding with !z
1:07:40 talking about my "deprived" childhood and google wave
1:18:20 modifying twitch chat client to write messages back into chat
1:41:36 cleaning up the output and having some fun
1:47:35 wrapping up, philosophy in zork, future streams, etc.
Channel: Chris Broadfoot

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