Can I Beat Super Mario Bros in Under 5 Minutes?

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Super Mario Bros any% is one of the most iconic speedruns of all time. Not too long ago, sub 5 was a top 10 time. Now, the strategies have evolved so much and are so well documented that sub 5 is a goal that I believe any gamer can work toward and achieve.

This was so much fun because it took me on a journey back to my gaming roots. This is literally where it all began and here I am nearly 30 years later trying to master the first game I ever played.

Sorry for the background buzz in the first part of the video. Recording directly from an NES can be goofy sometimes!

Special credit to:

My Twitch Community
Kosmic: https://www.twitch.tv/kosmic
Darbian: http://gamefun8.com/user/darbianSRL
AndrewG: https://www.twitch.tv/andrewg

Low on Life (edited the footage for this video, LIFE SAVER): http://gamefun8.com/channel/UCORc...

Gameplay recorded live @ https://twitch.tv/ryukahr
Channel: ryukahr

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