BotW Glitches & Tricks: Equipment Duplication, Durability Transfer, & more

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These menu overloading methods are heckin' OLD!
Go to this video for a much much easier method; unless you're here to specifically learn
how to dupe and transfer durability.

Also, here's a resource to check the durability of equipment: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/...


--Active Elemental Weapons--
Discovered by: RinHara5aki
Date: Apr 10, 2018
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_th...

--Enemy Weapon Duplication--
Discovered by: DrillCaramary
Date: Jul 24, 2019
Source: http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gRtcDN...
Optimized by: CHC Yu-Da

--Menu Overloading--
Discovered by: versat13
Date: May 8, 2017
Source: http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gE54va...

--Dark Beast Ganon Overloading--
Discovered by: Bot__W
Date: Feb 12, 2019
Source: https://twitter.com/Bot__W/status/109...
Videos to learn about it:
http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gCg4lF... (Not in English, but thorough explanation with some English tabs)
http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gmSbH4... (In English, less covered).

Let me know if someone else discovered & posted these glitches first! I'd love to credit the first ones to discover it.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrOrdun

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