AoE DE; [Underhand Dealings From The Hatti Archive] All Along The Watch Tower 1.

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Welcome to the series, where I will be playing through AoE 1 custom campaigns put into AoE DE on Hard difficulty, they will be much harder since the DE AI changes affects them - this will be commentary series so sit back and enjoy :-).

I was playing through AoE II custom campaigns for a long time, now when the AoE DE campaigns got completed its time to visit the custom ones.
I will be playing at first through the Andrea Rosa's ones, since they are unique, difficult and I consider them the best out there.

If there will be technical problems (since these campaigns are very old), like due to balance changes, etc., I wont hesitate to use victory cheat since I wont be able to finish the mission normal way otherwise - with needed compromise of course.

See ya.

You can download Underhand Dealings From The Hatti Archive at;
Channel: Chen'la

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