AMAZING Levels! Super Mario Maker 2

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We've got a bunch of levels for you today. We also end with some real life advice.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a 2D platforming and level-editing game for the Nintendo Switch and the sequel to the 2015 Wii U title Super Mario Maker. The game expands on its predecessor with new features such as a level style based on Super Mario 3D World, which incorporates some gameplay aspects from the 3D platformer, including the Super Bell power-up; new level themes, such as desert, snow, sky, and forest; further terrain options such as slopes; and a nighttime feature, which alters many course elements.

Spelunking Switch Speedrun [20s]: S6B-9LF-HNF
Hyperion Bounce: Y1C-M8C-J1G
Flawless Fire Furtherance [30s]: 7MS-VM1-QVF
The forgotten Spin Forest: P20-0PS-PRF
Bob-omb's Circus: 9JV-07R-66G
Koopas With Butterfly Wings: MCR-C04-B2G
20sec Speedrun Castle: 2HV-VP2-SGG
For pedritopin: 5XR-H9P-YLF
Undertale Vs. Papyrus: YX6-XM9-MJF
Ned Flanders big challenge: D2N-13P-MSF
Pipe-land: 3WM-PH1-KRF

Streamed 9-19-19

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