8.2 Affliction Warlock DPS Guide! Essences, Talents, Azerite and Rotations! Mythic + and Raiding!

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Here is my 8.2 Affliction Warlock DPS Guide covering Essences, Talents, Azerite, Rotations and More! While it still might not be as fun as Demonology, Affliction is certainly performing pretty well so far!

Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/Kalamazi
Sims - https://bloodmallet.com/index.html#warlock_affliction

Mythic + Talents: 1:16
Mythic + Azerite Traits : 4:13
Mythic + Essences: 5:25
AC AoE Rotation: 6:10
Raid Azerite Traits: 7:05
Raid Essences: 8:48
Raid Talents: 10:20
Single Target Opener w/ CLF: 12:43
Haunt/UA Damage Modifier Discussion and Stats: 13:25
Cooldown Usage: 14:20
Food/Pots: 14:33
Pet Choice: 14:58

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