7 Tifa Lockhart Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Tifa Lockhart is a pretty badass chick. She's appeared as one of the main characters in the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, but there have also been ton of cameo appearances in games like World of Final Fantasy, Ehrgeiz and Kingdom Hearts!

For this video, we wanted to run-through some interesting facts relating to Tifa, with some focussed around her creation, while others relating to things like the fact she owned a cat and her strange relationship with Rude!

Hopefully you enjoy the list!


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Throughout this video, we'll be talking about things like...

- Tifa Lockhart in Kingdom Hearts
- Tifa Lockhart + Rude
- Tifa Lockhart's Cat
- Tifa Lockhart in Advent Children
- Tifa Lockhart in Dissidia
- Tifa Lockhart Elemental Materia
- Tifa Lockhart FF7 Creation
- Tifa Lockhart vs Loz Advent Children
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