7 Cloud Strife Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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The popularity of Cloud Strife cannot be overstated! Ever since he appeared as the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 7, he was just catapulted into video game lore and his rivalry with Sephiroth has become legendary.

Within this video, we're going to run-through some interesting facts maybe you don't know about Cloud, with some focussed on his creation by Tetsuya Nomura and others relating to his appearance within Advent Children!

Hopefully you enjoy the list and afterwards, why not listen to the Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Orchestrated Version) to celebrate!


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Throughout this video, we'll be talking about things like...

- Cloud Strife Smash Bros
- Cloud Strife vs Sephiroth (Advent Children Complete)
- Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy Tactics
- Cloud Strife Fusion Sword (Omnislash version 6)
- Cloud Strife Fenrir
- Cloud Strife Blade Beam
- Cloud Strife, Zack Fair + Angeal Hewley
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