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Welcome to Guild Of Light. A channel for tranquility, meditation, and healing! We are proud to present our latest collections of music, affirmations, meditations and empowering videos.

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We love to record videoes, compose music, write and record affirmations \u0026 meditations. We do our best to produce and edit our content so that it brings something valuable to our online community. We hope to rely on youtube as our main source of income. Thank you for connecting.

We are sincerely grateful for all of the beautiful comments coming in. We try to read as many of them as possible and reply to you.

We are all about compassion, self-empowerment, and healing.
Therefore we have dedicated this channel as a place of peace \u0026 personal and spiritual growth.

Please subscribe to support the collective spiritual movement.
We believe in the greatness of the human spirit. It is strong,
Time to awaken.

- Guild Of Light.


You are an eternal spiritual warrior, your courage and the gift you bring the collective consciousness echos into eternity. You are a marvelous being of color and light. Find your inner strength.

May the light be with you,
Guild Of Light Music.
Channel: Guild Of Light - Tranquility Music

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