10 Most OP Pokemon That Make Charizard Look Weak AF

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The 10 strongest Pokemon that make Charizard look super weak.
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With over 800 Pokemon, so many animes and plenty of movies, it’s safe to say that Pokemon has become one of the most successful media franchises in the world. Pikachu may be the most recognizable Pokemon out there, being the mascot and everything, but he’s not the most awesome looking one. That title, in our opinion, goes to Charizard. He’s the OG starter Charmander’s final evolution who’ll always have a place in our hearts. The thing is, with some many Pokemon out there, Charizard is definitely not the strongest. In fact, there are plenty of Pokemon that make him look weak af.

Sure, almost every single one of the Pokemon in this video is legendary, but there’s a Pokemon in this video that’ll definitely surprise you. Of course, what’s an OP Pokemon video without mentioning Arceus? You know, the God Pokemon! Watch to see all these OP Pokemon who make Charizard look like a weakling!


Entry 1 - ARCEUS
Entry 2 - MEWTWO
Entry 3 - LUGIA
Entry 4 - ENTEI
Entry 5 - RAYQUAZA
Entry 6 - GIRATINA
Entry 7 - PALKIA
Entry 8 - DIALGA
Entry 9 - KYUREM
Entry 10 - DITTO


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